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Using yoga to position your baby for birth


Positioning baby for birth.

As well as for birth, this position is useful in pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester.

In times gone by, it was common for pregnant women to be in this position when cleaning floors. While sore on the knees, this actually helped bring their baby into a beautiful position for birth, by guiding their head and spine forward.

Today, we find ourselves sitting upright in chairs more often and have equipment to help around the house. While sitting upright is a nice comfortable position for both mum and baby, it’s not the best at encouraging your baby into the optimal position for birth.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, this pose may also help relieve any discomfort by bringing them forward and away from your spine.

So, try including this pose into your daily routine for just five or ten minutes. Why not take this time to read a magazine, do a jigsaw or - if you have other kids - play with them in this position.

If you're interested in pregnancy yoga, please feel free to download and try our app - YogiBirth - by clicking here.

Thanks, Laura 🙏

(YogiBirth is a pregnancy yoga app that also includes pregnancy meditation and online childbirth education classes)


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