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The 5 elements to a prenatal yoga class

Those familiar with yoga will recognise the phrase: ‘practise based on how you’re feeling today’.

No statement could be more appropriate in pregnancy, when ‘how you’re feeling’ can vary by the hour, day or trimester. As a result, your pregnancy yoga class needs to acknowledge this and offer-up solutions to address the unique emotions and discomforts you’re experiencing.

Here’s five ways a pregnancy yoga class does just that:

1. Relaxation, so you can hear your intuition

Relaxation is the most important part of any pregnancy yoga class. It helps you to listen to your intuition by removing all outside stimuli, so you can quieten the mind. Labour & birth are both emotionally & physically exhausting, so you’ll appreciate arriving refreshed & relaxed.

2. Forming a connection with your baby

You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to start the bonding process. The sound they hear in the womb is roughly half what you can hear. When the time is right for you, pregnancy yoga can offer an environment where you can get to know each other.

3. Pelvic floor exercises, hip openers & leg conditioning

As your baby grows, new pressures are placed on your hips, legs and pelvic floor. Therefore, regular conditioning will not only help in alleviating discomforts throughout your pregnancy, it can also prepare your body for birth as well as promoting better bladder control postnatally.

4. Breathing techniques for labour

Your breath is the best tool you have for managing discomfort during contractions. In class, you’ll learn a range of techniques that you can practise in the lead-up to birth.

5. Practising positions to birth

Contrary to what you see in the movies, lying down is not an ideal position for labour or birth. In pregnancy yoga, you’ll be taught a range of alternative positions that can help create more space for your baby to be born.

What was the most surprising benefit you found from pregnancy yoga? Comment below.

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Thanks, Laura 🙏

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