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The 3 scientific benefits of pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga (also known as prenatal yoga or antenatal yoga) is a practice uniquely designed for pregnant women.

It combines modified stretching routines with a variety of breathing, relaxation, visualisation, affirmations and meditation practices.

Today, thousands of studies conducted worldwide have scientifically demonstrated the benefits of a regular pregnancy yoga practice, from which I’ve summarised the 3 key points below:

1. Less Pain in Childbirth & Lower Epidural Rates

Research shows women report lower levels of discomfort, especially in early labour, and a significantly reduced need for pain relief, drugs and medical intervention during childbirth. This is attributed to breathing techniques, labour positions and movements that are practised in class.

2. Reduced Risk of Postnatal Depression (also known as postpartum depression)

Fear of childbirth can put women at 3x greater risk of postnatal depression. Pregnancy yoga has not only been shown to be a viable solution to this problem, science also shows it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety more effectively than standard prenatal exercises and walking.

3. Greater Self-Belief & More Positive Birthing Experiences.

The coping strategies for labour and birth that are taught in pregnancy yoga appears to help women feel more empowered in making decisions, and acting in ways that result in more satisfying birthing experiences. Overall, it encourages women to trust in their bodies more and listen to their intuition.

Final Thoughts

Amazingly, some studies show all that’s needed to start seeing some benefits is a minimum of two sessions per week, with each class lasting at least 12 to 20minutes.

Why not leave me a comment below letting me know what benefits you get from prenatal yoga.

If you're interested in pregnancy yoga, please feel free to download and try our app - YogiBirth - by clicking here.

Thanks, Laura 🙏

(YogiBirth is a pregnancy yoga app that also includes pregnancy meditation and online childbirth education classes)


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