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Backstage: how we made YogiBirth

To celebrate the launch of our app, YogiBirth, we wanted to show you 'behind the scenes' so we can explain how we made the content.

This photo shows YogiBirth's creator, Laura Myers, filming a pregnancy class for the yoga section of our library 🎥

YogiBirth is a project we have put our heart, soul and knowledge into over the last year.

Our goal is to help pregnant women approach birth feeling more confident, informed and calm.

We are proud that - as of 8th August 2019 - our pregnancy yoga app - YogiBirth - is live on the App Store (App for Google Play coming very soon)!

Created by a Midwife, YogiBirth contains pregnancy yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathing and childbirth education.

Have any questions? Either leave a comment or send us a direct message at

Thanks, Laura & Tom

(YogiBirth is a pregnancy yoga app that also includes pregnancy meditation and online childbirth education classes)


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