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3 reasons to do pregnancy yoga

I always find it interesting to understand the reasons women come to the pregnancy yoga classes I offer. Generally speaking, there appears to be three main themes.

1. To process emotional and physical changes

There are few moments in a day when pregnant women feel they can take time for themselves. Yoga appeals to many as it offers an opportunity to let the outside world go and solely focus on self-care. A regular practice helps calm the mind, re-balance emotions, fill the body with energy and strength, and ease trimester-specific discomforts.

2️. To form an early connection with your baby

A pregnancy yoga class encourages you to relax and tune in to your body. This includes listening to how you and your baby are feeling. Through a combined practice of visualisation, meditation and relaxation, you can begin to get to know each other a little better each day.

3️. To prepare for birth

Through a regular practice, you learn not only to trust in the capabilities of your body, but also in the strength of your mind and the conviction of your intuition. Tailored routines help you build emotional and physical strength, as well as learning to let go, in the lead up to birth.

Is there anything else you would add? Please leave a comment below or send us a direct message.

If you're interested in pregnancy yoga, please feel free to download and try our app - YogiBirth - by clicking here.

Thanks, Laura 🙏

(YogiBirth is a pregnancy yoga app that also includes pregnancy meditation and online childbirth education classes)


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