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Closing Announcement

Due to personal circumstances, it is with sadness that YogiBirth will cease operating on 31 March 2023.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported YogiBirth throughout its journey. If you have any queries, our email will be monitored until closing.

With love, YogiBirth (

Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation & Birth Education

Created by a Midwife, YogiBirth is a pregnancy wellbeing programme to support the mental, physical and emotional health of pregnant women; both at home and at work.
Pregnancy yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth iOS
Pregnancy yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth Android

Created by a

Pregnancy meditation app screenshot - YogiBirth - screenshot of app
Pregnancy yoga app screenshot - YogiBirth - classes screen
Why YogiBirth

Science shows...

...women who practise yoga during their pregnancies tend to have:





Less pain in childbirth


More self-belief

Use yoga to help improve your birthing experience

Pregnancy yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth | creator and co-founder | Laura Myers

Laura Myers

Midwife, yoga teacher
& childbirth educator

Created by a Midwife

Combining the philosophy of yoga with the science of birth

Over the last 15 years, Laura has had the privilege of being at thousands of births all over the world; including Australia, the UK and New Zealand. 


Laura created YogiBirth to empower women with information and practices to help them approach birth and parenthood feeling confident, informed and calm.


Practise anytime, anywhere

All your pregnancy wellbeing needs in one convenient app!

  • Cast to your TV (optional);

  • Available on phone and tablet devices;

  • Free 7-day trial & flexible pricing plans;

  • Solutions for pregnancy-specific discomforts;

  • Your own portable yoga studio during pregnancy.

No experience necessary!

Prenatal yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth

Community Feedback

Hear how YogiBirth has helped other pregnant women...
Review emailed in
These classes helped minimise the lower back and hip pain I experienced throughout pregnancy. I also really appreciated the added midwifery expertise and found the classes prepared me both physically and psychologically for labour and birth.
AppStore review
If I had this the first time I was pregnant I would have been so much more relaxed. Education about childbirth is key to being chilled about the whole experience. The yoga and meditations really helped me connect with my baby and just generally relax and enjoy my pregnancy.
Review emailed in
I was never into yoga before this but it's the best thing I did during my pregnancy. (Laura's) calming voice really helped me get through some tricky moments. The instruction is clear, it has extremely useful tips and thoughtful modifications to suit different aliments.
AppStore review
It is super easy to navigate and includes all the answers to the questions I've had. I find the yoga sequences really easy to follow and the meditations are so beautiful and relaxing. Thank you SO much to Laura and her team for creating such a woman-friendly resource!
Who's it for?

Who is YogiBirth for?



Download our App and start your 7-day free trial


Friends & Family

Gift a membership to a pregnant loved one


Employers & Healthcare

Let us help you support those within your care


Try YogiBirth

Subscribe today and receive:

  • Midwife-led yoga classes;

  • Guided meditations & relaxations;

  • Breathing exercises to calm the mind;

  • Pregnancy & childbirth education;

  • Evidence-based content;

  • Advice for birth partners;

  • Access to all new feature releases.

Pregnancy Education App - Morning Sickness - YogiBirth - Prenatal Yoga
Pregnancy Meditation App - YogiBirth - Prenatal Yoga

Created by a

Pregnancy yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth iOS
Pregnancy yoga, meditation & childbirth educatin app - YogiBirth Android
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